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Which type of PVLAN port allows communication from all port types?

A.    isolated
B.    community
C.    in-line
D.    promiscuous

Answer: D

Which three options are common examples of AAA implementation on Cisco routers? (Choose three.)

A.    authenticating remote users who are accessing the corporate LAN through IPsec VPN connections
B.    authenticating administrator access to the router console port, auxiliary port, and vty ports
C.    implementing PKI to authenticate and authorize IPsec VPN peers using digital certificates
D.    tracking Cisco NetFlow accounting statistics
E.    securing the router by locking down all unused services
F.    performing router commands authorization using TACACS+

Answer: ABF
http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6638/products_data_sheet09186a00804fe332.htm l
Need for AAA Services
Security for user access to the network and the ability to dynamically define a user’s profile to gain access to network resources has a legacy dating back to asynchronous dial access. AAA network security services provide the primary framework through which a network administrator can set up access control on network points of entry or network access servers, which is usually the function of a router or access server.
Authentication identifies a user; authorization determines what that user can do; and accounting monitors the network usage time for billing purposes. AAA information is typically stored in an external database or remote server such as RADIUS or TACACS+.
The information can also be stored locally on the access server or router. Remote security servers, such as RADIUS and TACACS+, assign users specific privileges by associating attribute-value (AV) pairs, which define the access rights with the appropriate user. All authorization methods must be defined through AAA.

Which type of encryption technology has the broadest platform support to protect operating systems?

A.    software
B.    hardware
C.    middleware
D.    file-level

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about this output is true?

A.    The user logged into the router with the incorrect username and password.
B.    The login failed because there was no default enable password.
C.    The login failed because the password entered was incorrect.
D.    The user logged in and was given privilege level 15.

Answer: C

You are the security administrator for a large enterprise network with many remote locations. You have been given the assignment to deploy a Cisco IPS solution.
Where in the network would be the best place to deploy Cisco IOS IPS?

A.    Inside the firewall of the corporate headquarters Internet connection
B.    At the entry point into the data center
C.    Outside the firewall of the corporate headquarters Internet connection
D.    At remote branch offices

Answer: D
http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/iosswrel/ps6537/ps6586/ps6634/product_data_ sheet0900aecd803137cf.html

Which two characteristics of the TACACS+ protocol are true? (Choose two.)

A.    uses UDP ports 1645 or 1812
B.    separates AAA functions
C.    encrypts the body of every packet
D.    offers extensive accounting capabilities
E.    is an open RFC standard protocol

Answer: BC

What is a benefit of a web application firewall?

A.    It blocks known vulnerabilities without patching applications.
B.    It simplifies troubleshooting.
C.    It accelerates web traffic.
D.    It supports all networking protocols.

Answer: A

Which filter uses in Web reputation to prevent from Web Based Attacks? (Choose two)

A.    outbreak filter
B.    buffer overflow filter
C.    bayesian overflow filter
D.    web reputation
E.    exploit filtering

Answer: AD

Which option is the default value for the Diffie¬Hellman group when configuring a site-to- site VPN on an ASA device?

A.    Group 1
B.    Group 2
C.    Group 5
D.    Group 7

Answer: B

Which option is the resulting action in a zone-based policy firewall configuration with these conditions?


A.    no impact to zoning or policy
B.    no policy lookup (pass)
C.    drop
D.    apply default policy

Answer: C
http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/ios-xml/ios/sec_data_zbf/configuration/xe-3s/sec-zone- pol-fw.html

Referring to CIA, where would a hash-only make more sense.

A.    Data at Rest
B.    …
C.    …
D.    …

Answer: A

Phishing method on the phone.

A.    vishing
B.    …
C.    …
D.    …

Answer: A

At which Layer Data Center Operate

A.    Data Center
B.    …
C.    …
D.    …

Answer: A

How can you stop reconnaissance attack with cdp.

A.    disable CDP on edge ports (computers)
B.    …
C.    …
D.    …

Answer: A

For Protecting FMC what/which is used.

A.    AMP
B.    …
C.    …
D.    …

Answer: A

What ips feature that is less secure among than the other option permit a better throughput ?

A.    Promiscuous
B.    …
C.    …
D.    …

Answer: A

To confirm that AAA authentication working.

A.    test aaa command
B.    …
C.    …
D.    …

Answer: A

Zone based firewall

A.    enable zones first / zones must be made before applying interfaces.
B.    …
C.    …
D.    …

Answer: A

Which ports need to be active for AAA server to integrate with Microsoft AD?

A.    445 & 389
B.    1812

Answer: A

What does the command crypto isakmp nat-traversal do?

A.    Enables udp port 4500 on all IPsec enabled interfaces
B.    Rebooting the ASA the global command

Answer: A

Suggestion, read 210-260 questions carefully try to understand or guess what they’re asking for. Hope everyone passes.

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September 28th, 2017

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