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A user is troubleshooting an FXO line on a Cisco IOS router that remains connected even after the call ends. Which three disconnect methods can be configured to fix this problem? (Choose three)

A.    Loop Current Feed Open Signaling Disconnect
B.    Hookflash Duration Signaling Disconnect
C.    CP-TONE Dual Supervisory Disconnect
D.    Power Denial-based Supervisory Disconnect
E.    Ground-start Signaling Disconnect
F.    Tone-based Supervisory Disconnect

Answer: DEF

Refer to the exhibit. A Jabber for Windows application fails to connect to the voicemail server. Which two options cause this problem? (Choose two)


A.    The jetty service has been disabled or is not running.
B.    A voicemail user password configuration error exists.
C.    A firewall is configured for blocking port 7080.
D.    An SSL certificate has an encryption problem.
E.    A company internal DNS server has a timeout problem.

Answer: CE

A Collaboration engineer implemented Cisco EMCC between Cisco Unified CM clusters.
The administrator has configured the bulk certificate management and exported the certificates to the SFTP server. After importing the certificates into each of the clusters, the administrator tested Cisco EMCC on a phone, but received “Login is unavailable (208)”.
Which two steps resolve this error? (Choose two)

A.    Update the cluster IDs so that they are unique in the EMCC network.
B.    Enable the Allow Proxy service parameter on both clusters.
C.    Restart the Cisco CallManager and Cisco Tomcat Servers.
D.    Associate a user device profile for the user in the remote cluster.
E.    Consolidate the exported certificates and reimport into each cluster.

Answer: CE

On which web administration page can you verify database replication health in a two-server Cisco Unified CM cluster running version 9.1?

A.    Cisco Unified OS Administration
B.    Cisco Unified CM Administration
C.    Disaster Recovery System
D.    Cisco Unified Reporting
E.    Cisco Unified Serviceability.

Answer: D

Which two parameters are requested in an Audit Connection message from a Cisco Unified CM to endpoint on a MGCP gateway? (Choose two)

A.    Call ID
B.    Capabilities
C.    Bearer Information
D.    Connection Parameters
E.    Connection Mode
F.    Connection ID

Answer: AD

A SIP carried delivers DIDs to a Cisco Unified Border Element in the form of +155567810XX, where the last two digits could be anything from 00 to 99. To match the internal dial plan, that number must be changed to 6785XXX, where the last two digits should be retained. Which two translation profiles create the required outcome? (Choose two)

A.    rule 1 /555\(.*\).*\(.*\)/ /\150\2/
B.    rule 1 /+ 1555\(…\).\(…\)$/ /\15\2/
C.    rule 1 /^\+ 1555\(678\)10\(..\)$/ /\150\2/
D.    rule 1 /^15+678\(… .\)/678\1/
E.    rule 1 /.15+678?10?\(..\)/ /67850\1/

Answer: CE

Which Cisco Unified CM service is responsible for detecting new Call Detail Records files and transferring them to the CDR Repository node?

A.    Cisco CallManager
B.    Cisco CDR Repository Manager
C.    Cisco SOAP-CDRonDemand Service
D.    Cisco Extended Functions
E.    Cisco CDR Agent

Answer: E

Users report that they are unable to control their Cisco 6941 desk phone from their Jabber client, but the Jabber client works as a soft phone.
Which two configuration changes allow this? (Choose two)

A.    Assign group “Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfer and Conf” to the user.
B.    Set the End User page to the Primary Extension on the desk phone.
C.    Set the Owner User ID on the desk phone.
D.    Assign group “Standard CTI Enabled User Group” to the user.
E.    Assign group “Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones Supporting Rollover Mode” to the user.

Answer: AE

Which two parameters, in the reply of an MGCP gateway to an Audit Endpoint message, indicate to a Cisco Unified CM that it has an active call on an endpoint? (Choose two)

A.    Bearer Information
B.    Call ID
C.    Capabilities
D.    Connection ID
E.    Connection Parameters
F.    Connection Mode

Answer: AD

Where the administrator can reset all database replication and initiate a broadcast of all tables on a Cisco Unified CM cluster running version 9.1?

A.    Real Time Monitoring Tool
B.    Cisco Unified Serviceability
C.    Cisco Unified OS Administration
D.    Cisco Unified CM CLI
E.    Disaster Recovery System

Answer: D

During a Cisco Connection extension greeting, callers can press a single key to be transferred to a specific extension. However, callers report that the system does not process the call immediately after pressing the key. Which action resolves this issue?

A.    Reduce Caller Input timeout in Cisco Unity Connection Service Parameters.
B.    Lower the timer Wait for Additional Digits on the Caller input page.
C.    Enable Ignore Additional Input on the Edit Caller input page for the selected key.
D.    Enable Prepend Digits to Dialed Extensions and configure complete extension number on the Edit Caller input page for the selected key.
E.    Reduce Caller input timeout in Cisco Unity Connection Enterprise Parameters.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. A collaboration engineer is troubleshooting outgoing calls that do not work to a specific number. The PSTN provider is playing a prompt explaining that the dialed number is missing the “1” for long Distance calls.
Which four configuration changes resolve this issue? (Choose four)


A.    edit rule 4 and change/+\0\1/ to /+1\0\1\2/
B.    edit rule 1 and change \([27]..\) to (7+.\)
C.    edit rule 3 and change /+1\1\2/ to /+\1\2/
D.    edit rule 2 and change /+\0\2/ to /+1\0\1\2/
E.    edit rule 2 and change \([567][456].\) to \([5-7][4-6].\)
F.    edit rule 4 and change \(.*\) to \(776\)\(.*\)
G.    edit rule 1 and change /+\1\2/ to /+1\1\2/
H.    edit rule 3 and change \(7+ \) to ([27]..\)

Answer: DFGH

Which two fields can be used to uniquely identify the same call in the Call Detail Records and the Call Management Records? (Choose two)

A.    nodeld
B.    globalCallId_callId
C.    callIdentifier
D.    pkid
E.    globalCallId_ClusterId
F.    globalCallId_callManagerId
G.    deviceName

Answer: BF

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is trying to provision CUCME with three 8841 phones.
However all phone fail to register.
Which two changes in the configuration would allow the phones to register? (Choose two)


A.    The registrar server command must be added under the voice register global configuration
B.    The IP address trusted authenticate command must be added under voice service voip
C.    The source-address command must be added under the voice register global configuration
D.    The local SIP proxy address must be configuration under the sip-ua configuration
E.    The registrar server command must be added under the sip section of voice service voip

Answer: CE

Refer to the exhibit. When enabling Group and Persistent Chat in an IM&P server, the administrator encountered the problem shown.
Which two solutions resolve the issue? (Choose two)


A.    Configure the external database to listen in the correct port.
B.    Restart the Cisco Route Datastore service in the Im&P server.
C.    Make sure the group chat system administrator has access.
D.    Configure a new host under Group Chat Server Alias.
E.    Fix the user permissions on the external database.

Answer: AE

A collaboration engineer has been asked to implement secure real-time protocol between a Cisco Unified CM and SIP gateway. Which option is a consideration for this implementation?

A.    Only T.38 and Cisco fax protocol are supported
B.    SIP require the all the time be sent in GMT
C.    Call hold RE-INVITE is not supported
D.    SRTP is supported only in cisco IOS 15.x and higher

Answer: B
As necessary, configure the router to use Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). SIP requires that all times be sent in GMT. SIP INVITE messages are sent in GMT. However, the default for routers is to use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). To configure the router to use GMT, issue the clock timezone command in global configuration mode and specify GMT.

Refer to the exhibit. A collaboration engineer configures Cisco Unified CM location using G.711 and iLBC for each site. The bandwidth for each link is shown. Which two options represent the maximum concurrent number of calls supported from Grand Junction to Casper for each Codec?
(Choose two)


A.    20 G.711 calls
B.    18 G.711 calls
C.    36 iLBC calls
D.    42 iLBC calls
E.    11 G.711 calls
F.    51 iLBC calls

Answer: CE

A collaboration engineer is troubleshooting an MOH problem on a Cisco IOS SIP gateway. While searching through a debug ccsip message output, which three parameters in the SIP messages can be used to determine if the call was placed on hold? (Choose three)

E.    c=IN IP4

Answer: BCE

Refer to the exhibit. A cisco collaboration engineer discovers that an instance of IOS media termination point (MTP) could not maintain stable registration with CUCM. Call manager traces is showing in the exhibit. What is the reason for the flapping registration?


A.    The CCM version on IOS configuration does not match the CUCM version.
B.    The IOS MTP is experiencing high CPU and is missing its keep-alive.
C.    A Firewall is blocking port 2000 intermittently between IOS Device and CUCM.
D.    Another IOS Media device is attempting to register with the same name.

Answer: D

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