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Since I recently passed the the CompTIA 220-901 exam, it’s time for me to share the Lead2pass exam dumps I used when preparing for this exam.

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Which of the following would be the MOST common use for a cable with a DE-15 connector?

A.    SCSI
B.    Printer
C.    RS-232 Serial
D.    VGA Video

Answer: D

An administrator creates a server to be used for translating a device IP address into a network name. Which of the following ports MUST be enabled for this server?

A.    21
B.    53
C.    80
D.    110

Answer: B

A customer requests a technician to build a Home Server PC with a RAID array. The customer will be using a NAS as a backup system. Which of the following RAID configuration with SATA hard drives would provide the BEST performance?

A.    RAID 0
B.    RAID 1
C.    RAID 5
D.    RAID 10

Answer: A

Which of the following is another description of a default gateway?

A.    The DNS server
B.    The inverse subnet mask
C.    The route of last resort
D.    The subnet network address

Answer: C

Which of the following uses RTP or SIP for communication between devices?

A.    Bridge
B.    NAS
C.    Modem
D.    VoIP

Answer: D

The imaging process of a laser printer includes which of the following steps?

A.    Submitting
B.    Formatting
C.    Cleaning
D.    Duplexing

Answer: C

Impact printers use which of the following technology combinations for generating printed output?

A.    Pin / Ribbon
B.    Nozzle / Ink
C.    Drum / Toner
D.    Heat / Ribbon

Answer: A

When diagnosing potential RAM issues, which of the following should be checked for proper configuration?

A.    Bus speeds
B.    Fan speeds
C.    UAC configuration
D.    CMOS battery voltage

Answer: A

A technician configures a new laptop for a customer and tests it before packing it up. When the laptop arrives, it is unable to connect to any wireless networks. Which of the following should the technician instruct the customer to check FIRST?

A.    Amount of Installed RAM
B.    Updated WiFi drivers
C.    CMOS battery
D.    External toggle switch

Answer: D

Which of the following 802.11 standards has a MAXIMUM bandwidth throughput of 54Mbps and uses 5GHz frequency?

A.    A
B.    B
C.    G
D.    N

Answer: A

A user has a wireless home office and would like to add file storage and print server to the domain. The user has only enough funds to upgrade one feature on the server. Which of the following would be the MOST beneficial upgrade for this PC role?

A.    Add a second multi-core processor for faster computations
B.    Add a Gigabit Ethernet card for fast file transfers.
C.    Replace Windows XP Professional with the newer Windows 7 Home Premium
D.    Add an additional hard drive to create a RAID 0

Answer: D

A user has 350 Gigabytes worth of videos they would like to back up. At the very MINIMUM, which of the following could backup these pictures to a single medium?

A.    Zip Drive
B.    DVD Burner
C.    LTO Drive
D.    Blu-Ray Burner

Answer: C

A user has powered off their computer after a suspected attack and breach. A technician has been assigned to pick up the PC and deliver it to the corporate office. Which of the following should the technician do after receiving the PC?

A.    Record what the user experienced, the times they experienced it and the effects of the breach
B.    Image the drive and create a drive hash to prove the contents were not changed in transit
C.    Document the customer and technician’s names, what was received, and the time
D.    Remove the hard drives as they will be installed into a PC on a “Safe LAN” in the corporate office

Answer: C

A user has a PoE device that does not power on. The technician believes that the switch may not be outputting the appropriate amount of power to the device. Which of the following could be used to test this hypothesis?

A.    Multimeter
B.    Toner probe
C.    Lineman’s handset
D.    Loopback plug

Answer: A

A technician is troubleshooting an IDE hard drive that is emitting a humming sound. They suspect a faulty connector. Which of the following voltages should be supplied through the power connector to an IDE hard drive? (Select TWO).

A.    3V
B.    5V
C.    5.5V
D.    9V
E.    12V
F.    20V

Answer: BE

An internal SATA connected hard drive can share a data cable with how many other drives?

A.    0
B.    1
C.    2
D.    3

Answer: A

A company is using employees to load up skids with CRTs and need to have them removed. Which of the following concerns is MOST appropriate regarding environmental safety concerns?

A.    Proper lifting technique
B.    Disposal regulations
C.    Equipment grounding
D.    Electromagnetic interference
E.    Electrical fire safety

Answer: B

A docking station differentiates itself from other laptop peripherals in which of the following ways?

A.    It allows the connection of external hard drives.
B.    It adds additional ports and connections.
C.    It allows for an external monitor to be connected.
D.    It allows the laptop to be securely locked.

Answer: B

Which of the following printer types uses an imaging drum as part of the printing process?

A.    Thermal
B.    Inkjet
C.    Laser
D.    Impact

Answer: C

Which of the following is a characteristic of single-mode fiber compared to multi-mode?

A.    Multi-mode fiber is resistant to EMI while single mode is not.
B.    Single-mode fiber uses laser while multi-mode does not.
C.    Multi-mode fiber supports lower speeds than single-mode.
D.    Single-mode fiber uses light, while multi-mode can use light or RF.

Answer: B

A user would like to install an external optical drive that allows for the largest capacity burning capability with the ability to re-write discs. Which of the following technologies should the technician recommend to the customer?

A.    CD-RW
B.    JAZ
D.    BD-RE

Answer: D

After identifying illegal activity on a small business computer, a business owner asks the office secretary to log into the system to retrieve various files. Which of the following aspects of procedural forensic analysis were violated in this scenario?

A.    Data preservation
B.    Proper channel reporting
C.    Initial response identification
D.    Tracking of documentation

Answer: A

Which of the following is the MAXIMUM data transfer rate of Bluetooth v3.0?

A.    1Mbps
B.    3Mbps
C.    24Mbps
D.    54Mbps

Answer: C

Which of the following is the MAXIMUM connection distance of a Bluetooth device?

A.    10 feet (3.05 meters)
B.    30 feet (9.14 meters)
C.    100 feet (30.48 meters)
D.    300 feet (91.44 meters)

Answer: B

Which of the following frequencies does Bluetooth use?

A.    900MHz
B.    1.8GHz
C.    2.4GHz
D.    5GHz

Answer: C

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I hope Lead2pass exam questions from the CompTIA 220-901 exam helps you pass the exam and earn your CompTIA certification! Happy Studying!

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August 28th, 2017

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