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The diagram was R1 connected to R2 and R2 connected to R3 on ospf area 0


Refer to the exibit OSPF is already running with default parameters. If R1 already have loopback 0 & Router-ID configured with that loopback address, then what will SPF computation on R2 after adding R1 one more loopback11 on OSPF?

A.    Beacuse prefix information will be an LSA type 3 on R2 router ‘s database, R2 router will run partial SPF computation.
B.    Beacuse prefix will a LSA type 1 on R2 router’s database. R2 router will a full SPF computation, even though an OSPF optimization is applied on R2 router.
C.    Adding ispf on command on R2 router, the entire SPT will be computed on R2 router.
D.    Adding ispf on command on R2 router, R2 router will only recompute only the affected part of the tree.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Which are the three characteristics with regarding bgp deterministic-med and bgp always- compare-med commands? (Choose three.)


A.    bgp deterministic-med command ensures the comparison of the MED variable when choosing routes advertised by deferent peers in the same autonomous system.
B.    bgp always-compare-med command is useful when multiple Service Providers agree on a uniform policy for setting MED
C.    bgp always-compare-med command is enabled by default, if disable, it excludes the MED comparison in the BGP best-path selection, going to the next path in the list to determine the best path.
D.    If both bgp deterministic-med and bgp always-compare-med commands are enabled.
Entny2 is chosen as the best path.
E.    bgp deterministic-med command if enabled assigns a MED of 4,294,967,295 to be multi vendor compatible.
F.    If both bgp deterministic-med and bgp always-compare-med commands are disabled, Entry2 is chosen as the best path.

Answer: ABF

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is troubleshooting CSC-PE and CSC-CE configurations and finds that there is a missing communication between Layer 3 VPN customer sites that are connected to customer carrier provider.


What is the cause of this issue?

A.    The static route configured on CSC-PE1 is missing the vrf keyword on next-hop information.
B.    The CSC-PE1 does require knowledge of the Layer 3 VPN customer prefixes in order to allocate and exchange Layer 3 VPN labels with CSC-CE1.
C.    A CSC design requires selective label allocation.
D.    The CSC-PE1 device is not allocating labels for the CSC backbone carrier route reflector.
E.    The CSC-PE1 and CSC-CE1 routers are not exchanging labeled IPv4 prefixes, which results in LSP blackholing.

Answer: E

What is the purpose of Route Target Constraint?

A.    The Route Targets are constrained to one Autonomous System. The ASBR routers strip all of the Route Target information that is contained in the VPNv4 or VPNv6 prefixes.
B.    A new Route Target definition is specified in RFC 4684.The syntax differs from the old syntax. The old syntax is a waste of processing power on the Route Reflector and PE and is a waste of bandwidth.
C.    Route Reflectors send only wanted VPNv4 or VPNv6 prefixes.”Wanted” means: the PE has VRF importing the specific prefixes.
D.    Route Targets are not attached to the VPNv4 or VPNv6 prefixes. Instead of using Route Targets, Route Distinguishes are used to import and export the VPNv4 or VPNv6 prefixes to and from VRFs.

Answer: C

A service provider has a requirement to deliver WAN gateways functionality to multi-tenant, provider-hosted clouds. Which Cisco platform meets this requirement?

A.    Cisco ASR 1000 series
B.    Cisco CRS series
C.    Cisco CSR1000v
D.    Cisco ASR 9000 series
E.    Cisco NX-OS

Answer: C

A MPP has been implemented in a Cisco IOS-XR device. Which are the two results that will occur? (Choose two.)

A.    If MPP is disabled and a protocol is activated, all interfaces cannot pass traffic
B.    MPP configuration changes doesn’t affect active sessions establishedbefore the changes
C.    RP/DRP Ethernet Interfaces are not default out-of-band interfaces
D.    Management traffic to RP from all non-MPP interfaces is dropped
E.    Interfaces configured for out-of-band MPP are still part of global routing/forwarding

Answer: BD

With BGP as the PE-CE routing protocol, which command eliminates the need for the service provider to configure autonomous system override the CE?

A.    neighbor SoO
B.    neighbor AS-override
C.    neighbor internal-vpn-client
D.    maximum-paths ibgp maximum-number

Answer: C

In which Scenario is the BGP Accumulated IGP feature required ?

A.    When BGP Link-State feature is enabled and it is required for BGP link state data to be downloaded to another component to the router.
B.    When a more granular approach is required to effectively construct instruction to match a particular flow with source and destination in order to mitigate DDoS which remote triggered blackhole technique is not able to provide.
C.    When multipaths are available and the cost community is required to influency the BGP best path selection process at the point of insersation .
D.    when the bandwidth is available on each of the core links is mapped to the OSPF cost and BGP is required to carry this information of the PE devices simulating the OSPF behavior of computing the distance associated with the path.

Answer: D

Retaining LDP session if one links fail out of two for two neighbors.

A.    MPLS LDP targeted-hello accept
B.    MPLS LDP sync
D.    MPLS LDP autoconfig

Answer: B

One ISP has hundreds of routers that run IS-IS, you want to redesign the network to improve performance and convergence, which are correct ways? (Choose two)

A.    Bidirectional forwarding failure detection
B.    tuning of SPF PRC and LSP…….exp backoff timers C. IS-IS fast flooding of LSPs
C.    IP Event Dampending
D.    tuning of IS-IS hello parameters

Answer: BC

When you troubleshoot DWDM, which should you check ? (Choose three)

A.    out-of-multiframe
B.    channel power
C.    loss of pointer
D.    wavelength
E.     signal-to-noise-ratio
F.    crosstalk

Answer: BDE

How much bandwidth is available when one single RSP440 engine installed on an ASR9000?

A.    440 Gbps
B.    110 Gbps
C.    44 Gbps
D.    140 Gbps

Answer: A

What loop prevention mechanism can be used for ospf type 3 sla in L3VPN?

A.    DN bit
B.    ATT bit
C.    LSP
D.    ESP

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. The prefix is flapping when PE1 is flapping.
Which action can fix this issue?


A.    On PE2, allow only redistribution from BGP into IS-IS; on PE3, allow only redistribution from IS-OS into BGP.
B.    Configure all IS-IS instances as level-1-only.
C.    Configure a sham link between PE2 and PE3.
D.    On PE2 and PE3, reconfigure redistribute BGP into IS-IS using the metric-type external parameter.

Answer: A

Refer to Exhibit. Which PW type is negotiated?


A.    type 1
B.    type 2
C.    type 3
D.    type 4
E.    type 5
F.    type 6

Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit. All PE routers are configured with full-mesh MP-BGP and VPNv4 routing, to provide L3VPN services. A central service implemented to provide management and monitoring products to customers with dedicated VRFs. The objective of this design is to provide between the central services VRF and VRFs A and B. Which implementation achieves this goal?



A.    Option A
B.    Option B
C.    Option C

Answer: C

In a Cisco ACI environment, which option best describes “contracts”?

A.    a set of interaction rules between endpoint groups
B.    a Layer 3 forwarding domain
C.    to determine endpoint group membership status
D.    named groups of related endpoints

Answer: A

Which 3 OSPF pieces of Information must match between routers in order to form adjacency?

A.    Area ID
B.    LSA Refresh period value
C.    Priority value
D.    Hello Interval and dead interval timer value
E.    stub flag
F.    process ID

Answer: ADE

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the functions on the left onto the associated NFV layer on the right.




Which description is true about how remote IP fast Reroute addresses failure in the ring topologies?

A.    Routers establish an MPLS TE tunnel with all PQ nodes in the ring.
B.    Routers establish an MPLS TE tunnel with both ring edge routers.
C.    Routers establish a GRE tunnel with the furthest PQ node in the ring.
D.    Routers establish a targeted LDP session with the furthest router that is in a PQ space.
It requires an equal cost path.
E.    Routers establish a targeted LDP session with the closest router that is in a PQ space.
F.    Router establish a GRE tunnel with the closest PQ node in the ring.

Answer: E

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October 23rd, 2017

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