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Refer to the Exhibit. What is the reason that the two devices failed to form an EIGRP neighbor relationship?


A.    The K-values are valid.
B.    The two devices have different key IDs.
C.    The hold timers are mismatched.
D.    The advanced MD5 digest do not match between the devices.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. If R1 and R2 cannot establish an EIGRP neighbor adjacency, which reason for the problem is most likely true?


A.    The auto-summary command under the route process is disabled
B.    The hello-interval and hold-time values are invalid
C.    The MTU value between R1 and R2 is too small
D.    The primary networks are on different subnets

Answer: D

External EIGRP route exchange on routers R1 and R2 was failing because the routers had duplicate router IDs. You changed the eigrp router-id command on R1, but the problem persists.
With additional action must you take to enable the routers to exchange routes?

A.    Change the corresponding loopback address.
B.    Change the router ID on R2.
C.    Reset the EIGRP neighbor relationship.
D.    Clear the EIGRP process.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Between which router is an LOP session established?


A.    R1,R2and R3
B.    R1 and R3
C.    R1 andR2
D.    R2andR3

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. How can you configure R6 so that traffic returns to subnet via RS?


A.    Advertise prefix to neighbor R5 with AS 65006 prepended.
B.    Configure the neighbor send-community standard command.
C.    Advertise prefix to neighbor R5 with metric 80.
D.    Set local preference for all prefixes received from neighbor R5 to 200.

Answer: B

Which two statements about VTPv3 are true?(Choose two)

A.    VTPv3 accepts configuration information only from VTPv2 devices.
B.    VTPv3 must receive VTPv2 packets before it can send VTPv2 packets.
C.    VTPv3 sends VTPv2 packets when they are detected on a trunk port.
D.    VTPv3 regions can communicate in server mode only over a VTPv2 region.
E.    Extended VLANs prevent VTPv3 switches from becoming VTPv2

Answer: BE

When you implement CoPP on your network, what is its default action?

A.    Drop management ingress traffic to the control plane.
B.    Monitor ingress and egress traffic to the control plane by using access groups that are applied to the interface
C.    Block all traffi
D.    Rate-limit bidirectional traffic to the control plane.
E.    Permit all traffi

Answer: E

Which BGP attribute is used to influence inbound traffic?

A.    Multi-exit discriminator
B.    Local preference
C.    Origin
D.    Weight

Answer: A

Which option describes the effect of the command ip route vrf DMZ global?

A.    It creates a s1atic default route in the “lh1 DMZ, and the next hop is in the global routing table.
B.    It creates a static route in the VRF DMZ for, and the next hop is in the
global routing table.
C.    It creates a static route in the global routing table for, and the next hop is in the global routing table.
D.    It creates a s1atic route in the global routing for, and the next hop is in The VRF DMZ.
E.    lt creates a static route in the VRF DMZ for, and the next hop is in the

Answer: B

Which three statements about IS-IS are true? (Choose three.)

A.    IS-IS is a cisco proprietary routing protocols.
B.    IS-IS has the capability to provide address summarization between areas.
C.    IS-IS is an IETF standard.
D.    IS-IS has three different levels of authentication: interface level, process level, and domain level.
E.    IS-IS can be used to route both IP and CLNP.
F.    IS-IS can be used only in the service provider network.

Answer: CDE

Which two options are parts of an EEM policy? (Choose two.)

A.    event register
B.    body
C.    environment must defines
D.    namespace import
E.    entry status
F.    exit status

Answer: AB

How many address families can a single OSPFv3 instance support?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    5
D.    10

Answer: A

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the description on the left to the correct EIGRP term in the right. Not all options are used.




In which way does the Bridge Assurance mechanism modify the default spanning-tree behavior in an effort to prevent bridging loops?

A.    IF BPDUs are no longer received on a port, the switch immediately sends a out a TCN BPDU.
B.    Extended topology information is encoded into all BPDUs.
C.    BPDUs are sent bidirectional on all active networks ports, including blocked and alternate ports.
D.    Received BPDUs are looped back toward the sender to ensure that link is bidirectional.

Answer: C

Which two statements about scheduling multiple IP SLA operations are true?

A.    You must configure IP SLA operations before you can schedule a group of operations.
B.    The ip sla monitor group schedule command must be configured on the device.
C.    You must configure the frequency of each IP SLA operation before it can start.
D.    The IP SLA operations must be scheduled at a maximum interval of 30 seconds.
E.    Every IP SLA operation in a single group must start at the same time.

Answer: AC

In an MPLS-VPN environment, what is the effect of configuration an identical set of route targets for a particular VRF but then configuration a nonidentical RD across multiple PE devices?

A.    The routes are not sent to any remote PE with different RD.
B.    The routes are directly managed by the control plane, but there are instances where routes take up twice as much memory.
C.    The routes are rejected by the remote PE because they have a different RD than its routes.
D.    The routes propagate to the remote PE, but the PE never installs the, in its forwarding table.

Answer: B

Which two statements about IGMP filters that are operating in access mode are true? (Choose two)

A.    A filter that is applied on the SVI must use the same setting as a same filter that is applied to the trunk port.
B.    They can be applied to the access point only.
C.    The port filter is always checked first.
D.    The SVI filter is always checked first.
E.    They can be applied on both the SVI and the access port.

Answer: CE

Which LSA type is associated with the default route in a totally stubby area?

A.    interarea-prefix LSA for ABRs (Type 3)
B.    autonomous system external LSA (Type 5)
C.    router LSA (Type 1)
D.    interarea-router LSAs for ASBRs (Type 4)

Answer: A

How is the MRU for a multilink bundle determined?

A.    It is negotiated by LCP.
B.    It is manually configured on the multilink bundle.
C.    It is manually configured on all physical interfaces of a multilink bundle.
D.    It is negotiated by NCP.
E.    It is negotiated by IPCP.

Answer: A

Which two statements about PIM-DM are true? (Choose two.)

A.    It forwards multicast packets on a source tree.
B.    It requires an RP.
C.    It forwards multicast packets on a shared distribution tree.
D.    It floods multicast packets to neighbors that have requested the data.
E.    It floods multicast packets throughout the network.
F.    It forwards multicast packets to neighbors that have requested the data.

Answer: AE

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October 23rd, 2017

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