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You are a developer for an Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

You need to create new extended data types in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

What are two best practices for extending a series of data types?Each correct answer presents acomplete solution.

A.    An EDT should be created for each atomic entity being utilized.
B.    Subtypes are not required for EDTs that do not contain any property changes.
C.    You cannot extend the recID or tableID system data types.
D.    You cannot use EDTs if one of them is a member of the parent extended data.

Answer: AB
Whenever possible, you will want to use EDTs and EDTs should be created for each atomic entity in thesituation that your application is modeling.You should only create subtypes when they are needed. In other words, when you are creating an EDTthat extends another EDT, but you aren’t changing any of its properties, you probably do not need tocreate a new subtype.

You are installing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail at a store location.

You want to share a drawer between point-of-sale (POS) clients.

To achieve this goal, which component should you install on the computer connected to the cash drawer?

A.    Hardware Station
B.    Cloud POS
C.    Commerce Runtime (CRT)
D.    Retail Server

Answer: A
Retail hardware station provides services that enable retail POS clients and peripherals such as printers, cash drawers, and payment devices to communicate with retail server.

You manage a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail environment.

You are preparing to deploy packages.
Which two types of items can you deploy as a package? Each correct answer presents a completesolution.

A.    a binary hotfix to the Application Object Server (AOS) runtime components
B.    an updated Dynamics 365 for Retail customization package
C.    a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Language Pack
D.    a Retail Software Development Kit (SDK)

Answer: AB
A deployable package is a unit of deployment that can be applied in any Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retailenvironment. A deployable package can be a binary hotfix to the Application Object Server (AOS) runtimecomponents, an updated Dynamics 365 for Retail customization package, or a new Microsoft Dynamics365 for Retail customization/application module package.

You are adding a relationship to a table.

Which two best practices should you follow? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Define a navigational relationship; the validate property on the relation should be set to “Yes” for easier navigation.
B.    Set the validate property to No when you are using navigational relationships so that the application is easy to navigate.
C.    Name the relationship with an “_rel” suffix in order to differentiate it from the index that is appended with”_idx”.
D.    Define the relationship to a foreign key on the child table by setting the validate property on the relation to Yes.

Answer: BD

What are two benefits of applying a form pattern to a form? Each correct answer presents part of thesolution.

A.    ensures data consistency by enforcing common relationship patterns between datasources
B.    provides default values for many properties on controls
C.    enforces a consistent style so that the forms a user encounters are immediately recognizable
D.    allows a developer to create many delivered forms from a base form

Answer: BC
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition, makes development easier byproviding a guided experience for applying patterns to forms to ensure they are correct and consistent.
They help validate forms and control structures and the use of controls incertain places. Using patternsalso ensures that each new form encountered by a user is immediatelyrecognizable in appearance andfunction. Form patterns can provide many default control properties, which leads to a more guideddevelopment experience.

You are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) developer and are reviewinganother developer’s changesto a project.

You run the Best Practices Fixer on the project. The following error message appears in the error list in Visual Studio for the display menu item XYZ:

BP Rule: [BPErrorMenuItemNotCoveredByPrivilege]:Path: [dynamics://MenuItemDisplay/
XYZ]:BPErrorMenuItemNotCoveredByPrivilege: ‘AxMenuItemDisplay’ ‘XYZ’ is not covered by privilege: XYZ
(USR) [YourModule]

Based on this error message, which recommendation should you make to the developer?

A.    Add the XYZ display menu item to the Entry Points of a new or existing Security Privilege in the Your Module model.
B.    Set the Create Permissions and Delete Permissions properties on the XYZ display menu item.
C.    Add the XYZ display menu item to the Entry Points of an extension of an existing Security Privilege in the Application Suite model.
D.    Set the Linked Permission Type property to Form, and the Linked Permission Object property to thename of the form on the XYZ display menu item.

Answer: A
BPErrorMenuItemNotCoveredByPrivilege: Only the system administrator role can access this form

You are working in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations environment that has an existingform named ModifyData and a display menu item named ModifyData1, which opens ModifyData. Youcreate a second menu item named ModifyData2 that also opens ModifyData.

Aprivilegenamed ModifyData1View has the ModifyData1 menu item as an entry point with Read access.

There is also a privilege named ModifyData1Maintain that has the ModifyData1 menu item as an entry point, with the Access Level property set to Delete. You create a new privilege named ModifyData2View and add the ModifyData2 menu item as an entry point. You set the Access Level property to Read on the ModifyData2 entry point.

You need to create a new duty named DataManager so that a role with this duty can delete data from ModifyData when accessed through ModifyData1 and read data on the ModifyData form when accessedthrough ModifyData2.

What should you do to achieve this goal?

A.    Grant the ModifyData1Maintain privilege and the ModifyData2View privilege to the DataManager duty.
B.    Grant the ModifyData2View privilege to the DataManager duty.
C.    Grant the ModifyData1Maintain privilege to the DataManager duty.
D.    Grant the ModifyData1View privilege and the ModifyData2View privilege to the DataManager duty.

Answer: A

Which of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations application stack provides financial and human resources management functionality?

A.    Application Suite
B.    Application Object
C.    Application Foundation
D.    Application Platform

Answer: A
Most of the functionality we associate with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is added in the Application Suite. Specific examples include the financial management, inventory or warehouse management, human resources management or the fleet management scenario.

You are creating a custom lookup form to look up records in a table.

You want to provide multiple views of the table on the form.

Which form pattern should you apply?

A.    Details Master with Standard Tabs
B.    Simple List
C.    Lookup with Tabs
D.    Dialog – Advanced Selection

Answer: C
Lookup basic?This is the basic Lookup pattern that has just one list or tree, and also optional customfilters and actions.
Lookup w/tabs?This Lookup pattern is used when more than oneview of the lookup can be madeavailable to the user. Tab captions aren’t shown. Instead, the tab is selected through a combo box.
Lookup w/preview?This more advanced Lookup pattern enables a preview of the current record in thelookup grid.

You are writing a method to update the Customer reference field on a Sales order table record. You begin by writing the following code:

class ExampleClass
/// <summary>
/// Update the Customer reference field on the Sales orders table.
/// </summary>
/// <param name = “_salesId”>
/// Sales order to update
/// </param>
/// <param name = “_customerRef”>
/// Updated Customer reference value
/// </param>
public static void updateSalesTableCustomerReference(SalesId _salesId,
CustRef _customerRef)
SalesTable salesTable;

Which statement will complete the method?

A.    salesTable = SalesTable::find(_salesId);
salesTable.CustomerRef = _customerRef;
B.    update_recordset salesTable
setting CustomerRef=_customerRef
where salesTable.salesid==_salesId;
C.    salesTable = SalesTable::find(_salesId, true); salesTable.CustomerRef = _customerRef;
D.    update_recordset salesTable
setting SalesId = _salesId
where salesTable.CustomerRef == _customerRef;

Answer: C

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