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Users report that they are unable to connect to home directories stored on a NetApp cluster.
You are using Active Directory-based Kerberos authentication.
Which two actions would correct the problem? (Choose two.)

A.    Verify that the CIFS server in running in the SVM.
B.    Verify that the Network Time Protocol service is in sync.
C.    Verify that an Active Directory domain admin account is configured in ONTAP.
D.    Verify that domain tunneling is configured in ONTAP.

Answer: AC
Kerberized NFS in Cluster-Mode for use with Active Directory Pre-requisites include:
Note: The CIFS server is not required for basic NFS Kerberos access, but is required for multiprotocol access or when using AD as an LDAP server for name mappings.

You have a cluster of FAS controllers with HDD aggregates.
The data is being compressed into 32 KB blocks before being written to a volume.
In this scenario, which type of compression is being used?

A.    secondary, inline compression
B.    adaptive, inline compression
C.    adaptive, postprocess compression
D.    secondary, postprocess compression

Answer: A
NetApp data compression reduces the physical capacity required to store data on storage systems by compressing data within a flexible volume (FlexVol volume) on primary, secondary, and archive storage. It compresses regular files, virtual local disks, and LUNs.
When NetApp data compression is configured for inline operation, data is compressed in memory before it is written to disk.

You have a 2-node NetApp cluster. You would like to use an onboard UTA2 port for host connectivity.
The port was previously connected to a tape library using native FC.
What must you do to configure the port for host connectivity?

A.    Change the port mode to FC.
B.    Change the port mode to CNA.
C.    Change the FC type to initiator.
D.    Change the FC type to target.

Answer: B
Certain converged network adapters (CNAs), such as the X1143 adapter and the UTA2 onboard ports, contain offload support for LLDP.
ONTAP 9. 0 Network_Management_Guide (January 2017), page 98

You have a SnapLock Compliance volume that needs to be replicated to a different cluster at a disaster recovery site.
Which two statements concerning the SnapMirror destination volume are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The destination volume type must be SnapLock Enterprise.
B.    The destination volume type must be SnapLock Compliance.
C.    The destination cluster does not require a SnapLock license.
D.    The destination cluster requires a SnapLock license.

Answer: BD
B: To create an end-to-end relationship between SnapLock Compliance volumes by using SnapMirror, you need to create both the source and the destination volumes as SnapLock Compliance volumes and then initialize the mirroring relationship by using the snapmirror initialize command. The other commands you use differ depending on whether you are creating a volume SnapMirror relationship for a traditional volume or a FlexVol volume.
D: A SnapLock license entitles you to use both SnapLock Compliance mode and SnapLock Enterprise mode. SnapLock licenses are issued on a per-node basis. You must install a license for each node that hosts a SnapLock aggregate.

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Referring to the exhibit, which statement is true?

A.    The node’s aggregates have been underutilized on average for the past one hour.
B.    The node’s CPU has been underutilized on average for the past one hour.
C.    The node’s CPU has been overutilized on average for the past one hour.
D.    The node’s aggregates have been overutilized on average for the past one hour.

Answer: C
You compute the available performance capacity by subtracting the optimal_point_counter from the current_counter. In this example, the utilization capacity for CPU_sti2520-213 is – 14% (72%-86%). This suggests that the node’s CPU has been overutilized on average for the past one hour.

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Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A.    A default tree quota is set on volume svm1_data1.
B.    An explicit quota is set on qtree1, and a derived quota is set on qtree2.
C.    A derived quota is set on qtree1, and an explicit quota is set on qtree2.
D.    A default user quota is set on volume svm1_data1.

Answer: BD
A quota enforced as a result of a default quota, rather than an explicit quota (a quota with a specific target), is referred to as a derived quota. To see derived quotas, you can generate a quota report. In the report, a derived user or group quota is indicated by a Quota Specifier that is either blank or an asterisk (*).A derived tree quota, however, has a Quota Specifier; to identify a derived tree quota, you must look for a default tree quota on the volume with the same limits. Since they are not manually configured quota rules, derived quotas do not appear in the output of the quota policy rule show command.

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Referring to the exhibit, which two statements about the connectivity from the 2-node cluster to the cluster interconnects are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The CN1610 switches were discovered by using Cisco CDP.
B.    The nodes are cabled correctly.
C.    The nodes are cabled incorrectly.
D.    The CN1610 switches were discovered by using LLDP.

Answer: AC
From the exhibit we see that cdp is used.
Cabling the private cluster interconnect for NetApp CN1610 switches.

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You create a volume as shown in the exhibit.
Which statement about the new volume is true?

A.    A FlexVol volume is created on the aggregate (sas_01 or sas_02) with the most free space.
B.    A FlexVol volume is created on aggregate sas_01 can only be moved to aggregate sas_02.
C.    A FlexGroup volume is created with eight constituents.
D.    A FlexGroup volume is created with two constituents

Answer: D
The Volume create parameter -aggr-list <aggregate name>, … – List of Aggregates for FlexGroup Constituents
Specifies an array of names of aggregates to be used for FlexGroup constituents. Each entry in the list will create a constituent on the specified aggregate.

To log in to the cluster with OnCommand System Manager, a cluster administrator account must be authorized for which two application types? (Choose two.)

A.    HTTP
B.    SSH
D.    service processor

Answer: AC
You must have a cluster user account configured with the admin role and the http, ontapi, and console application types.

To configure high availability within a FAS8080 EX HA pair, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

A.    Connect the NVRAM HA interconnects between the nodes in the HA pair.
B.    Cable the cluster interconnects to the interconnect switch.
C.    Connect multiple FC paths from the controllers to the hosts.
D.    Connect both the local node and partner node to disk shelves using multipath HA.

Answer: AC
A: If an NVRAM HA adapter fails, the node automatically fails over to its partner node.
The partner (takeover) node serves data for both of the nodes.

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September 7th, 2017

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