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During BYOD flow, where does a Microsoft Windows 8.1 PC download the Network Setup Assistant from?

A.    from Cisco App Store
B.    from Cisco ISE directly
C.    from Microsoft App Store
D.    It uses the native OTA functionality.

Answer: B

Which two attributes are delivered by the DHCP probe to the Cisco ISE? (Choose two.)

A.    dhcp-client-identifier
B.    framed-IP-address
C.    host-name
D.    calling-station-ID
E.    MAC address

Answer: AC

Which option is the correct redirect-ACL for Wired-CWA, with being the Cisco ISE IP address?

A.    ip access-l ex ACL-WEBAUTH-REDIRECT
deny udp any any eq domain
deny ip any host
permit tcp any any eq 80
permit tcp any any eq 443
B.    ip access-l ex ACL-WEBAUTH-REDIRECT
permit udp any any eq domain
permit ip any host
deny tcp any any eq 80
permit tcp any any eq 443
C.    ip access-l ex ACL-WEBAUTH-REDIRECT
deny udp any any eq domain
permit tcp any host eq 8443
deny ip any host
permit tcp any any eq 80
permit tcp any any eq 443
D.    ip access-l ex ACL-WEBAUTH-REDIRECT
permit udp any any eq domain
deny ip any host
permit tcp any any eq 80
permit tcp any any eq 443

Answer: B

In Cisco ISE 1.3 and above, which two operations are allowed on Endpoint Certificates pages for issued endpoint certificates on the admin portal? (Choose two.)

A.    unrevoke
B.    delete
C.    view
D.    export
E.    revoke

Answer: CE

Which statement about the CAK is true?

A.    It is the master key that generates the other keys that MACsec requires.
B.    Failed MACsec connections fall back to MAB by default.
C.    It is the key that is used to discover MACsec peers and perform key negotiation between the peers.
D.    It is the secret key that encrypts traffic during the connection.
E.    It is the key that is used to negotiate session encryption keys.

Answer: A

Which remediation type ensures that Automatic Updates configuration is turned on Windows clients per security policy to remediate Windows clients for posture compliance?

A.    AS Remediation
B.    File Remediation
C.    Launch Program Remediation
D.    Windows Update Remediation
E.    Windows Server Update Services Remediation

Answer: D

Which command on the switch ensures that the Service-Type attribute is sent with all RADIUS authentication request?

A.    radius-server attribute 8 include-in-access-req
B.    radius-server attribute 25 access-request include
C.    radius-server attribute 6 on-for-login-auth
D.    radius-server attribute 31 send nas-port-detail

Answer: C

Which protocol is EAP encapsulated in for communications between the authenticator and the authentication server?

A.    EAP-MD5
B.    IPsec

Answer: D

Which three of these are features of data plane security on a Cisco ISR? (Choose three)

A.    Routing protocol filtering
B.    FPM
C.    uRPF
D.    RBAC
E.    CPPr
F.    Netflow export

Answer: BCF

When you are configuring DHCP snooping, how should you classify access ports?

A.    untrusted
B.    trusted
C.    promiscuous
D.    private

Answer: A

When 802.1X is implemented, how do the client (supplicant) and authenticator communicate?

C.    MAB

Answer: D

When performing NAT, which of these is a limitation you need to account for?

A.    exhaustion of port number translations
B.    embedded IP addresses
C.    security payload identifiers
D.    inability to provide mutual connectivity to networks with overlapping address spaces

Answer: B

Which two answers are potential results of an attacker that is performing a DHCP server spoofing attack? (Choose two.)

A.    ability to selectively change DHCP options fields of the current DHCP server, such as the giaddr field.
B.    DoS
C.    excessive number of DHCP discovery requests
D.    ARP cache poisoning on the router
E.    client unable to access network resources

Answer: BE

When configuring NAT, which three protocols that are shown may have limitations or complications when using NAT? (Choose three.)

A.    Kerberos
C.    NTP
D.    SIP
E.    FTP
F.    SQL

Answer: ADE

Which state is a Cisco IOS IPS signature in if it does not take an appropriate associated action even if it has been successfully compiled?

A.    retired
B.    disabled
C.    unsupported
D.    inactive

Answer: B

Which statement best describes inside policy based NAT?

A.    Policy NAT rules are those that determine which addresses need to be translated per the enterprise
security policy
B.    Policy NAT consists of policy rules based on outside sources attempting to communicate with
inside endpoints.
C.    These rules use source addresses as the decision for translation policies.
D.    These rules are sensitive to all communicating endpoints.

Answer: A

When Cisco IOS IPS is configured to use SDEE for event notification, how are events managed?

A.    They are stored in the router’s event store and will allow authenticated remote systems to pull
events from the event store.
B.    All events are immediately sent to the remote SDEE server.
C.    Events are sent via syslog over a secure SSUTLS communications channel.
D.    When the event store reaches its maximum configured number of event notifications, the stored
events are sent via SDEE to a remote authenticated server and a new event store is created.

Answer: A

When is it feasible for a port to be both a guest VLAN and a restricted VLAN?

A.    this configuration scenario is never be implemented
B.    when you have configured the port for promiscuous mode
C.    when private VLANs have been configured to place each end device into different subnets
D.    when you want to allow both types of users the same services

Answer: D

In an 802.1X environment, which feature allows for non-802.1X-supported devices such as printers and fax machines to authenticate?

A.    multiauth
B.    WebAuth
C.    MAB
D.    802.1X guest VLAN

Answer: C

Which Cisco IOS IPS feature allows to you remove one or more actions from all active signatures based on the attacker and/or target address criteria, as well as the event risk rating criteria?

A.    signature event action filters
B.    signature event action overrides
C.    signature attack severity rating
D.    signature event risk rating

Answer: A

You are troubleshooting reported connectivity issues from remote users who are accessing corporate headquarters via an IPsec VPN connection. What should be your first step in troubleshooting these issues?

A.    issue a show crypto isakmp policy command to verify matching policies of the tunnel endpoints
B.    ping the tunnel endpoint
C.    run a traceroute to verify the tunnel path
D.    debug the connection process and look for any error messages in tunnel establishment

Answer: B

Which of these allows you to add event actions globally based on the risk rating of each event,
without having to configure each signature individually?

A.    event action summarization
B.    event action filter
C.    event action override
D.    signature event action processor

Answer: C

Which Cisco IOS Firewall feature allows the firewall to function as a Layer 2 bridge on the network?

A.    zone-based firewall
B.    CBAC
C.    firewall ACL bypass
D.    transparent firewall

Answer: D

Cisco IOS IPS uses which alerting protocol with a pull mechanism for getting IPS alerts to the network management application?

B.    SMTP
C.    SNMP
D.    syslog
E.    SDEE
F.    POP3

Answer: E

When configuring the Auto Update feature for Cisco IOS IPS, what is a recommended best practice?

A.    Synchronize the router’s clock to the PC before configuring Auto Update.
B.    Clear the router’s flash of unused signature files.
C.    Enable anonymous TFTP downloads from Cisco.com and specify the download frequency.
D.    Create the appropriate directory on the router’s flash memory to store the downloaded signature files.
E.    Download the realm-cisco.pub.key file and update the public key stored on the router.

Answer: A

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August 2nd, 2017

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