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Which of the following communication paths can be protected by Secure Network Communication (SNC)?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A.    SAProuter to an external Remote Function Call
B.    SAP system application server to a database
C.    SAP GUI for Windows to an SAP system application server
D.    SAP system application server to an external Remote Function Call

Answer: CD

You have to configure Secure Network Communication (SNC) to secure connections between two SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP servers.
Which profile parameters can you set for the trust manager?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A.    sec/libsapsecu
B.    snc/identity/as
C.    snc/data_protection/use
D.    snc/data_protection/max

Answer: AB

You are configuring an SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP system to allow authentication with x.509 client certificates issued by SAP NetWeaver single sign-on (SSO). When you test the connection with the standard SAP GUI, the system unexpectedly asks you for a password.
How can you avoid the additional logon in the standard SAP GUI?

A.    Create a new SAP logon entry using the SNC name.
B.    Set the parameter icm/server_port_2 with string VCLIENT = 2.
C.    Map the client certificate of the user ID to the SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP user master record.
D.    Import the User CA root certificate from the Secure Login Server.

Answer: A

For which of the following tasks is a user administrator responsible?
Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.

A.    Maintain user master records.
B.    Assign users to profiles.
C.    Activate profiles.
D.    Maintain roles.
E.    Assign users to roles.

Answer: ABE

For which of the following is the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in an SAP NetWeaver AS environment used?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A.    To transmit individual messages securely over the network
B.    To create a secure connection between client and server
C.    To create a secure connection between the database and a client
D.    To secure HTTP communication for users connecting via Web browser

Answer: BD

What is the main function of the SAP Web Dispatcher?

A.    To provide message server functions
B.    To act as a load balancer
C.    To act as a firewall
D.    To provide secure network connections

Answer: B

For which of the following does a secure logon using Kerberos support single sign-on and encryption?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A.    SAP GUI for Windows
B.    Browser access to SAP AS Java
C.    SAP GUI for Java for non-Windows clients
D.    Browser access to SAP AS ABAP

Answer: AB

Which of the following authorization objects must you assign to a user in SAP Solution Manager and in the SAP managed system to make sure that a trusted Remote Function Call connection is established?

A.    S_RFC
B.    S_RFC_TT

Answer: D

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June 8th, 2016

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