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You have created a network design that has two point-to-point Metro Ethernet circuits extending a single production VLAN between two data centers. Under normal circumstances, one circuit will carry traffic and spanning tree will block the other. If the company wants you to make use of both circuits to carry production traffic, which two technologies and features will you investigate to integrate into your network design? (Choose two.)

A.    EtherChannel
B.    MST
C.    Multichassis EtherChannel
D.    PVST+


February 27th, 2018

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A regional bank hires your company to perform a security assessment on their network after a recent data breach. The attacker was able to steal financial data from the bank by compromising only a single server.
Based on this information, what should be one of your key recommendations to the bank?

A.    Place a front-end web server in a demilitarized zone that only handles external web traffic
B.    Require all employees to change their passwords immediately
C.    Move the financial data to another server on the same IP subnet
D.    Issue new certificates to the web servers from the root certificate authority


February 26th, 2018

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2018 Updated Lead2pass EC-Council 312-49v9 Exam Questions:


Files stored in the Recycle Bin in its physical location are renamed as Dxy.ext, where, “X” represents the _________.

A.    Drive name
B.    Sequential number
C.    Original file name’s extension
D.    Original file name


February 26th, 2018

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What address do PIM routers listen to in order to automatically discover the best RP for each multicast group?



February 26th, 2018

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Which three recommendations must be taken into consideration when an engineer is installing a new Voice WLAN? (Choose three.)

A.    Use the Cisco wireless phone site survey client utility.
B.    Use a separate Cisco Wireless Lan Controller.
C.    Enable load balance on voice WLANs.
D.    Maintain -67dBM as a minimal RSSI.
E.    Set data for 2.4 GHz and voice for 5 GHz using separate SSIDs.
F.    Enable lower data rates for 2.4-GHz data WLAN.


February 26th, 2018

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Which Cisco feature can be run on a Cisco router that terminates a WAN connection, to gather and provide WAN circuit information that helps switchover to dynamically back up the WAN circuit?

A.    Cisco Express Forwarding
B.    IP SLA
C.    passive interface
D.    traffic shaping

Answer: B

Which protocol is best when there are circuit connections with two different ISPs in a multihoming scenario?

A.    VRRP
B.    BGP
C.    IPsec
D.    SSL

Answer: B

Private lines make use of which connection type based on cell switching?

A.    ATM
C.    VTI
D.    VPLS

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which functionality must be enabled on router A to connect two networks for translating private addresses into “legal” public addresses on a one-for-one basis?


A.    PAT
B.    NAT
C.    VLAN
D.    GARP
E.    PPP

Answer: B

Which technology fulfills these requirements?

– Utilize a connection that must support a range of traffic, voice, video, and data.
– This traffic must also support transmission via a fixed blank 53-byte cell.

A.    PPP
B.    Frame Relay
C.    ATM
D.    MPLS
E.    X.25

Answer: C

Which option is used as a top-of-rack device that is managed by its parent device, providing ease of management?

A.    Cisco Nexus 2000
B.    Cisco Nexus 5000
C.    Cisco Nexus 7000
D.    Cisco Nexus 9000

Answer: A

Which option provides software modularity in Cisco NX-OS software in the data center design?

A.    The ip routing command enables all of the features in the Cisco NX-OS.
B.    All of the features are enabled by default in the Cisco NX-OS.
C.    Individual features must be manually enabled to start the process.
D.    The Cisco NX-OS has a management VRF that is enabled by default.

Answer: C

What is an advantage of using the vPC feature in a data center environment?

A.    VSS is a requirement.
B.    Multiple instances of control plane are formed.
C.    The control plane and management plane remain separate.
D.    Cisco FabricPath technology does not have to be configured.

Answer: C

Which option is a benefit of the vPC+ feature?

A.    Cisco FabricPath is not required in the network domain.
B.    This feature provides fault domain separation.
C.    Nonfabric devices, such as a server or a classic Ethernet switch, can be connected to two fabric switches that are configured with vPC.
D.    The control plane and management plane are combined into one logical plane.

Answer: C

A network administrator wants to provide high availability in a data center environment by making sure that there is no reconvergence of Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols when there is a Layer 3 switch failure. Which Cisco Nexus feature fulfills this purpose?

A.    ISSU
B.    VSS
C.    vPC
D.    MEC

Answer: C

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February 24th, 2018

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Free Lead2pass Cisco 300-210 VCE And PDF Instant Download:


Which Cisco monitoring solution displays information and important statistics for the security devices in a network?

A.    Cisco Prime LAN Management
B.    Cisco ASDM Version 5.2
C.    Cisco Threat Defense Solution
D.    Syslog Server


February 24th, 2018

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Free Download Of Lead2pass 300-209 Real Exam Questions:


A user is unable to establish an AnyConnect VPN connection to an ASA. When using the Real-Time Log viewer within ASDM to troubleshoot the issue, which two filter options would the administrator choose to show only syslog messages relevant to the VPN connection? (Choose two.)

A.    Client’s public IP address
B.    Client’s operating system
C.    Client’s default gateway IP address
D.    Client’s username
E.    ASA’s public IP address


February 24th, 2018

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Refer to the exhibit. If the given configuration is applied to the object-group vpnservers, during which time period are external users able to connect?


February 23rd, 2018

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Lead2pass 300-206 Exam Questions Free Download:


For which purpose is the Cisco ASA CLI command aaa authentication match used?

A.    Enable authentication for SSH and Telnet connections to the Cisco ASA appliance.
B.    Enable authentication for console connections to the Cisco ASA appliance.
C.    Enable authentication for connections through the Cisco ASA appliance.
D.    Enable authentication for IPsec VPN connections to the Cisco ASA appliance.
E.    Enable authentication for SSL VPN connections to the Cisco ASA appliance.
F.    Enable authentication for Cisco ASDM connections to the Cisco ASA appliance.


February 23rd, 2018

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Which protocols can be used to send to Cisco TAC (Technical Assistance Center) the show tech- support command output information about the Cisco UCS domain? (Choose two.)

A.    TFTP
B.    FTP
C.    SCP
D.    Telnet
E.    SecureTelnet


February 23rd, 2018

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Which option describes the possible result of a customer configuring a server pool that contains Cisco UCS B200 M2 and B250 M2 blades?

A.    A service profile cannot migrate automatically from one blade to another blade within the server pool due
to hardware failure.
B.    You must decommission a blade server for the associated service profile to migrate to another blade in the
server pool successfully.
C.    You must uncheck the Restrict Migration box in the service profile to allow service profile migration between
blades in the server pool.
D.    After service profile migration, the server fails in boot from SAN due to differences in PCI device IDs.


February 22nd, 2018

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Lead2pass 300-170 Dumps PDF Free Download:


You are trouble shooting node discovery issues by using the acidiag fnvread command.
Which description of the node status when the CLI output shows a status of Discovering is true?

A.    The node is decommissioned
B.    The node ID is configured, but not discovered yet
C.    The node is discovered, but an IP address is not assigned yet
D.    The node is discovered, but the node ID policy is not configured yet


February 22nd, 2018

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Free Share Lead2pass Cisco 300-115 VCE Dumps With New Update Exam Questions:


Which technique automatically limits VLAN traffic to only the switches that require it?

A.    access lists
B.    DTP in nonegotiate
C.    VTP pruning
D.    PBR


February 22nd, 2018

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Easily Pass MB6-894 Exam By Training Lead2pass New Microsoft VCE Dumps:


You are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) developer.

You are working on a new solution that will support multiple languages and regions, and you need to uselabels.

Which two best practices should you follow when using the labels?Each correct answer presents acomplete solution.

A.    Use descriptive text for the label file ID.
B.    Use labels for elements and artifacts.
C.    Use the name of the model for of the label file name.
D.    Use a new label ID for every element or artifact.

Answer: BC
You should use labels for every user-facing element or artifact in Dynamics 365 for Finance and
For multi-language label files, you should ensure that labels containappropriate translations of theactivity or item that they describe.
You should also use labels when programming for all external strings. You should create a label file with the same name as the associated model.

You are a developer working on a new customized form and are troubleshooting a defect on the form.

The form displays a summary for each line. The defect report says that the form shows the incorrect summary for return order lines.
A display method provides the summary, and the method calls the following:

public str salesLineSummary(
SalesType _type,
str _orderNum,
ItemId _itemId,
Qty _lineQty,
Amount _lineAmount
Amount baseAmount = _lineAmount > 0 ? _lineAmount : -1 * _lineAmount;
str formattedAmount = num2Str(baseAmount, 10, 2, DecimalSeparator::Dot,
str summary;
switch (_type)
case SalesType::Sales:
summary = strFmt(‘Order %1 ordered %2 of %3 [Subtotal: %4]’,
_orderNum, _lineQty, _itemId, formattedAmount);
case SalesType::ReturnItem:
summary = strFmt(‘RMA %1 expecting %2 of %3 for %4 credit’,
_orderNum, _lineQty, _itemId, formattedAmount);
summary = strFmt(‘Journal %1: %2 of %3’, _orderNum, _lineQty,
return summary;

You need to fix the defect in the most efficient way possible.

Which modification should you make?

A.    Remove the default block of code from the switch statement.
B.    Add an If statement to the default block of code in the switch statement.
C.    Exchange theSalesType::Saleswith theSalesType::ReturnItemblocks of code in the switch
D.    Add a break statement before the default block of code in the switch statement.

Answer: D

You create a new retail server API for a Cloud point-of-sale (POS) solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail.

You need to register your new retail server extension.

Which file should you update?

A.    Retail Store Front web.config
B.    Retail Server web.config
C.    Retail Cloud POS web.config
D.    AOS Service web.config

Answer: B

Your development team plans to use the new API exposed in Commerce Runtime (CRT) to set/get orvalidate values based on enum type.

Which two benefits will your team gain from using the new API in this manner? Each correct answerpresets a complete solution.

A.    They can directly map between Finance and Operations enumsand CRT enums without manuallycreating the enums in CRT.
B.    They can easily override or add triggers at specific extension points instead of owning the entire serviceor operation.
C.    They can help skip certain checks used to override the entire calculate service by adding pre/posttriggers for the validation check.
D.    They can have multiple partners and ISVs create extensible enums and use them independentlywithout any code merge.

Answer: AD
With the new extensible enum exposed in CRT, you can directly map between Finance and Operations enums and CRT enums without manually creating the enums in CRT. Multiple partners and ISVs cancreate extensible enums and use them in their code independently without any code merge.

Employees who use a Cloud point-of-sale (POS) at a store report that the product information is notcurrent.There is no Retail Store Scale Unit deployed at the store, and you suspect that the scheduler job thatupdates product information has failed.

Which two actions can you take to check the status of the scheduler job?Each correct answer presents acomplete solution.

A.    In Event Viewer, look at the Commerce-RetailServer event log for an event that references the job.
B.    In Lifecycle Services (LCS), look in Environment monitoring, and search Activity for the batch job that includes the scheduler job.
C.    In Retails Headquarters, look at the history of the distribution schedule that includes the scheduler job.
D.    In the Cloud POS, look at the Database connection status screen for the job.

Answer: BC
Retail distribution jobs uses the commerce data exchange async server and the retail scheduler.
The components of messages, environments, and jobs are all collected and surfaced up to LCS to providea one-stop overview of diagnostics and monitoring.

You are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) developer workingin the “ABCModule” module in anexisting solution.

You create a new label in the XYZ-en-US.label.txt file with a Label ID of “LabelText”, a Label of “Text forthe Label”, and a Description of “ABC”.

How should you reference this new label in the Label property of an artifact?

A.    @ABCModule.XYZ.LabelText
B.    @XYZ:LabelText
C.    @ABCModule.XYZ[LabelText]
D.    @XYZ[LabelText]

Answer: B

You are writing a JSON-based custom service to consume a new data entity.

You need to expose the data entity to the OData service.

What should you do on the data entity to achieve this goal?

A.    Set the PrimaryKey to EntityKey.
B.    Set the Visible property to Yes.
C.    Set the IsPublic property to Yes.
D.    Set the DataManagementEnabled to Yes.

Answer: C
OData entities in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations are basedon the concept of an updatableview. When the public property for an updatable view is set to true, this view is exposed as a top level OData entity.

You manage package deployments for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail environment, and you need to determine if a package rebuild is necessary.

Which scenario requires a package rebuild?

A.    You want to re-run a build due to warnings that appear in the Error List pane concerning best practices.
B.    You want to force a build of all objects, regardless of whether they have changed.
C.    You want to build dependent and reference models at the same time.
D.    You cannot set the Synchronize database on the Build Property to True.

Answer: B
The rebuild will perform a full compile, which will take a bit longer. The rebuild option combines the cleanand build steps so we don’t have to separately run clean and build.

You are extending primitive data types to make your code more readable, and you need to assign

Extended Data Types (EDT) properties.
Which best practice should you follow?

A.    Do not leave the display length and style an Auto.
B.    Ensure that the HelpText property is the same as the label.
C.    Do not use labels for user interface text.
D.    Ensure that you reference an EDT when creating table fields.

Answer: D
Wherever possible, you should avoid the creation of table fields which don’t reference an EDT, as this makes potential future changes more difficult to implement.

You are reviewing the basic set of primitive data types in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with a client.

The client wants to know the best data type to use for a set of literals,such as states of nature or keyreporting structures.

Which type should you tell the client?

A.    Strings
B.    Anytype
C.    Containers
D.    Enumerations

Answer: D
Enums: An abbreviation for enumerated text – a set of literals.

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You are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) developer.

You are working on a new solution that will support multiple languages and regions, and you need to uselabels.

Which two best practices should you follow when using the labels?Each correct answer presents acomplete solution.

A.    Use descriptive text for the label file ID.
B.    Use labels for elements and artifacts.
C.    Use the name of the model for of the label file name.
D.    Use a new label ID for every element or artifact. (more…)

February 20th, 2018

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By default, what are two options that are presented to callers for forwarded calls into a Cisco Unity Connection system? (Choose two.)

A.    Log in to their mailbox.
B.    Listen to the opening greeting.
C.    Leave a message if forwarder has a mailbox.
D.    Enter user ID and PIN.
E.    Log in to remote mailbox.


February 16th, 2018

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