This page was exported from 100% Pass IT Exam By Training Lead2pass New VCE And PDF Dumps [ ] Export date:Fri Dec 6 5:14:23 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [January 2018] Lead2pass 100% Valid 2V0-622D Exam Questions PDF Free Download 140q --------------------------------------------------- Lead2pass 2018 New VMware 2V0-622D Braindump Free Download: QUESTION 1When migrating a Windows vCenter Server 6.0 to the vCenter Server Appliance 6.5, which two will be migrated by default? (Choose two.) A.    Local Windows OS users and groupsB.    ConfigurationC.    Custom portsD.    FQDNE.    Historical and Performance dataAnswer: BDExplanation: QUESTION 2Which Host Profile Subprofile configuration is used to configure firewall settings for ESXi hosts? A.    Advanced Configuration SettingsB.    General System SettingsC.    SecurityD.    Networking Answer: CExplanation:In the Web Client interface, you'll find the firewall configuration under the Security and Services folder of a host profile. QUESTION 3It is determined that the Migration Assistant will be used to migrate from vCenter Server 5.5 on Windows with an external instance of Update Manager to a vCenter Server Appliance 6.5.Which option is correct in regard to migrating Update Manager? A.    The Migration Assistant must be run on vCenter Server first and then on the Update Manager server.B.    The Migration Assistant must be run on the Update Manager server first and then on vCenter Server.C.    Migrating Update Manager from legacy versions of vCenter Server to a vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 is not supported.D.    The Migration Assistant can only migrate local instances of Update Manager to the vCenter Server Appliance 6.5. Answer: BExplanation:Before running a migration from vCenter Server that runs on Windows, or upgrading vCenter Server Appliance that use an external Update Manager, you must download and run the VMware Migration Assistant on the source Windows physical server or the Windows virtual machine where Update Manager runs. The VMware Migration Assistant facilitates the migration of the Update Manager server and database to the vCenter Server Appliance 6.5. QUESTION 4An administrator is attempting to access an ESXi host via the DCUI but is unable to do so.Which could be two possible causes? (Choose two.) A.    The host in question has no out-of-band management capability (i.e. iLO/iDRAC).B.    The SSH service is disabled on the host.C.    Strict lockdown mode is enabled on the host.D.    Normal lockdown mode is enabled and the administrator is a member of the Exception User list.E.    The DCUI service is disabled on the host. Answer: CE QUESTION 5Where would a vSphere administrator find general vCenter Server logs on a vCenter Server Appliance? A.    /var/log/vmware/vpxd/B.    /var/log/messagesC.    /etc/vmware-vpx/D.    /var/log/vmware/vsan-health/ Answer: A QUESTION 6Which two permissions are required to migrate a virtual machine with Storage vMotion? (Choose two.) A.    Network > Move NetworkB.    Virtual Machine > Inventory > MoveC.    Resource > Migrate powered on virtual machineD.    Datastore > Allocate Space Answer: CDExplanation: QUESTION 7An administrator wishes to enable network port mirroring based on source port. Which feature should be enabled? A.    vSphere standard switch portB.    ERSPANC.    NSX Virtual WireD.    VLAN Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 8Which are three supported storage requirements for vCenter Server HA? (Choose three.) A.    NFSB.    RDMC.    vSAND.    VMFSE.    JBOD Answer: ACD QUESTION 9Which are the two network requirements for a VMware vSAN 6.5 cluster? (Choose two.) A.    Multicast must be enabled on the physical switches and routers that handle vSAN traffic.B.    vSAN requires IPv6 only.C.    All hosts must have a dedicated 40GbE NIC.D.    The vSAN network supported IPv4 or IPv6.E.    vSAN requires IPv4 only. Answer: ADExplanation: QUESTION 10Which CLI command shows the physical uplink status for a vmnic? A.    esxcli network ip connection listB.    esxcli network ip neighbor listC.    esxcli network nic getD.    esxcli network nic list Answer: D 2V0-622D dumps full version (PDF&VCE): Large amount of free 2V0-622D exam questions on Google Drive: You may also need: 2V0-622 exam dumps: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2018-01-26 08:54:05 Post date GMT: 2018-01-26 08:54:05 Post modified date: 2018-01-26 08:54:05 Post modified date GMT: 2018-01-26 08:54:05 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from