This page was exported from 100% Pass IT Exam By Training Lead2pass New VCE And PDF Dumps [ ] Export date:Mon Jun 24 8:59:18 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2017-Dec-New] Cisco 300-070 Latest Dumps Free Download From Lead2pass (161-170) --------------------------------------------------- Great 300-070 dump! I have passed the exam by using this 300-070 dump only half a month. I will share with my all of you. Following questions and answers are all new published by Cisco Official Exam Center: QUESTION 161Hackers are sending calls through a gateway router that is running SIP. The engineer blocks all SIP messages to the router except from their SIP server, which has an IP address of The customer also must connect via SIP to their Cisco Expressway server with an IP address of Which series of commands secures the router from the hackers? A.    voice service voipvoip security allowipv4    voice service voipip address trusted listipv4    voice service voipallow-connections sip to sipipv4    voice service voipaddress-hidingipv4 Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 162Which route pattern is the best match for the range of 6000 to 6599? A.    65XXB.    60XXC.    6[05]XXD.    6XXXE.    6[0-5]XX Answer: E QUESTION 163When the Cisco IOS router or gateway receives a call setup request, what is the PID value of the default dial peer? A.    ID:3B.    PID:6C.    PID:0D.    PID:4E.    PID:5F.    PID:1G.    PID:2H.    PID:7 Answer: CExplanation: QUESTION 164Callers inform you that they hear a second dial tone after dialing the number 4085550123. Which dial-peer configuration command resolves this issue? A.    answer-address 408555....B.    destination-pattern 91[2-9]..[2-9].....C.    forward-digits allD.    direct-inward-dial Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 165What function does the device pool perform? A.    It separates user and physical location information.B.    It sets the default device parameters for all IP phones in the cluster.C.    It sets the location bandwidth used between different locations.D.    It provides a single point of configuration for every device in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster. Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 166Which three options can belong to specific partitions? (Choose three.) A.    voice-mail serversB.    directory numbersC.    translation patternsD.    gatewaysE.    IP phonesF.    route patterns Answer: BCFExplanation: QUESTION 167A voice engineer is troubleshooting an issue that involves incoming calls to POTS lines. Which command verifies the digits that are received by voice-port? A.    debug voip dial-perB.    debug vtsp sessionC.    debug vtsp dspD.    debug call treatmentE.    debug voice protocol Answer: C QUESTION 168An engineer is designing a new dial plan for a customer that has offices in several countries on four continents around the world. This client also wants to integrate with a Microsoft Lync backend.Which dial plan type should the engineer recommend? A.    SIP URIB.    TEHOC.    E.164D.    H.323 Answer: C QUESTION 169Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is trying to determine the status of the ISDN D Channel on a new PRI circuit, types in the show isdn status command, and sees this output.Which two pieces of information can be determined from this output? (Choose two.) A.    The provider is using the 5ESS protocol.B.    There are four channels.C.    The connection to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager has been established.D.    The D channel is working correctly.E.    No active calls are established. Answer: DE QUESTION 170Refer to the exhibit. What is the problem when 237 dials 972551915? A.    The problem is in "forward-digits 7"; the dial peer should be with "forward-digits 9."B.    The problem is in "forward-digits 7"; the dial peer should be with "forward-digits 5."C.    The problem is in "forward-digits 7"; the dial peer should be with "forward-digits 2."D.    The problem is in "forward-digits 7"; the dial peer should be with "forward-digits 8." Answer: D More free Lead2pass 300-070 exam new questions on Google Drive: This 300-070 dump is valid, and this dump is the only study material I used for this exam. Surprisingly I met the same 300-070 questions in the exam, so I passed the exam without doubt. Thanks for this 300-070 dump and I will recommend it to my friends. 2017 Cisco 300-070 (All 228 Q&As) exam dumps (PDF&VCE) from Lead2pass: [100% Exam Pass Guaranteed] --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2017-12-04 09:12:32 Post date GMT: 2017-12-04 09:12:32 Post modified date: 2017-12-04 09:12:32 Post modified date GMT: 2017-12-04 09:12:32 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from